St. Mark’s Church

St. Mark’s Church

St. Mark’s Church & Community Centre

Location: 120 Bay Street South, Hamilton

Type: Adaptive Re-Use Phases 1 & 2

Area: 7,288sf

Role: Prime Architect

Duration: Phase 1: 2015 – 2018

Phase 2: Construction complete 2024

Value: $5,000,000



St. Mark’s Church, located at 120 Bay Street South is a designated heritage property (1995 By-Law 95-13 under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act) that is owned by the City of Hamilton. Built as an Anglican church in 1877, St. Mark’s was declared redundant in 1989 and then sold to the City in 1994. This publicly-owned heritage building has remained vacant for over 20 years.

ATA was commissioned by the City of Hamilton to be the prime architects in the adaptive re-use of this designated heritage jewel. The project, once completed, will act a neighbourhood community centre. The interior space will be used for conference, banquet, performance and celebration. While exterior spaces will be utilized as community gardens and place of peaceful repose.

ATA has coordinated all aspects of this project which has become a labour of love. ATA has navigated through all City of Hamilton Municipal SPA and Permit requirements while also balancing Committee of Adjustment approvals.

Phase 1 Scope of Work Included:

Architectural: brick restoration, stain glass, window & door restoration.

Structural: stabilization, repair and re-enforcing of existing stone foundation walls.

Electrical: upgrading of electrical service (from Bay Street South) with installation of minimal/basic lighting.

Mechanical: installation of furnaces & equipment in the basement level to provide minimal heat to building.

Civil: re-connection/re-installation of basic services (Sanitary, Storm, Water & Gas) to building.

Phase 2 Scope of Work Included:

Architectural: “re-construction” of 1-storey, slab-on-grade addition (previously demolition and removed) located on the westside of church. This will house the public washrooms, entrance, Servery/Kitchen and associated storage space. Also, the complete restoration of interior finishes in the church.

Structural: work associated with addition.

Electrical: complete lighting in church and addition.

Mechanical: installation of entire HVAC system including AC units.

Civil: storm water site analysis

Landscape: proposed work to exterior landscape areas.

Civil: storm water site analysis

Landscape: proposed work to exterior landscape areas.


April 4, 2024


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