Brooker House, Guelph

Brooker House, Guelph

Location:               Guelph Ontario

Program:               House

Located on a historic street in Guelph’s Sunny Acres neighbourhood, the Brooker Residence is sited within a context of existing heritage homes.  The owners, Michael and Nicole Brooker, had hoped to restore the property’s small house, but it lacked heritage value or significance and was ultimately demolished.  ATA was commissioned to design a new 4,000 square foot house that would replicate the Victorian-era architecture the Brooker’s desired.

The house was designed with historically accurate proportions and exterior elements, to fit seamlessly into the neighborhood.  Victorian details carry over into the interior, but not at the expense of modern conveniences, which include an open kitchen, basement exercise room with a sauna, as well as a small elevator.

ATA worked closely with the Brooker’s and the builder, Lindsay Construction Services, to ensure that historic details, including brickwork, decorative trim, and railings were as authentic as possible.


April 26, 2012


Heritage, Residential