Gutowski Residence

Gutowski Residence

Living in Harmony

The Gutowskis had a dream. They wanted to build a contemporary home that reflected their love for natural stone and wood – and their appreciation of craftsmanship. Overlooking the Boyne River Valley near the Bruce Trail, the “organic” structure was to evoke the drama of the surroundings and be liberating in its openness. Naturally, the Gutowskis chose ATA to make their dream home a reality.

From the start, ATA decided that the home should integrate with the existing hill, while providing panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. To that end, the layout mimicked the natural trails and provided a variety of outdoor rooms and spaces on both sides of the house.

Set on stone piers, the roof became a visually arresting feature that followed the undulating terrain of the property. A series of folded plates, the roof shed rain and snow while providing protection from the cold winds. Wherever possible, the form of the roof was maintained in the interior, which resulted in soaring ceilings.


April 26, 2010