Stormy Point Cottage

Stormy Point Cottage

Living in Harmony

Nestled in the heart of its natural surroundings on Lake Rosseau, the Leggett cottage quietly promotes the beauty of Muskoka.

The cottage is sited low to the ground to eliminate any physical or visual barriers to the lake. The great room with its two-storey fireplace and cathedral ceiling is central to the lakefront facade. The kitchen and dining room are tucked back slightly but have an open concept to allow views of the water. The cottage is filled with natural light and is visually connected with the landscape.

The cottage interior is constructed largely of wood that is either painted or stained. The panelled wood doors, stained to match all windows and trim throughout, provide a further unifying element, while the dark plank floors with black puttied nail holes add further richness and warmth.

Featuring a pavilion concept, each facade was designed with equal care so that the cottage could be viewed from any side. From any point within the cottage, there are pleasing views of the surroundings. This building was designed to harmonize with nature and it does so to full effect.


April 26, 2012