Humber College – Retail Reconstruction

Humber College – Retail Reconstruction

Location:               Humber College, Etobicoke
Program:               Interior Renovation


IT Tech Zone

We are very excited to unveil the brand-new IT Tech Zone at Humber College. ATA opens the entire space allowing for the high-density foot traffic in the corridor, originally with a very closed-off design with zero connection from this very busy corridor towards to main food court. Students would have to walk around the existing coffee shop to get downstairs. The outdated design of the space has been replaced by a brightly coloured kiosk, the placement of which has opened space in the hallway and allows for flexible movement. Taking inspiration from the video game Snake, the Corian posts are one continuous line forming the countertops and continuing along with the white floor tiles. @CVS were brought on to handle the high complexity of the custom finish. Illuminated countertops with RGB ceiling fixtures reflect off the high-gloss ceiling creating an immersive experience and wow factor.


Tech Kiosk

Alongside the Tech Kiosk project for Humber College, there was a blank expanse of wall that housed a plumbing chase. To leave this wall unaddressed would have been the equivalent of an ink stain on a stylish new shirt. It could not be moved so the idea was developed to transform this wall into an interactive feature wall brining vibrant, colourful life to the space through full RGB LED lights that interact with the users as they pass by this wall, cycling through patterns monthly to represent the theme of that month. Creating a fully immersive effect with the high-gloss black ceiling finish. 


Creative Visual Solutions Promotional Video


November 2, 2021


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