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Acton Youth Centre

Location:               19 Willow St N, Acton, ON L7J 1Z6

Program:               Interior Renovation

Total Area (GFA): 6,674sq.ft. (620m2)


The Town of Halton Hills is home to the Acton Youth Centre, a vibrant space for the local youth, opened with enthusiasm in October 2021. The transformative initiative involved the conversion of the former fire hall garage connected to the historic Acton Town Hall, into a dynamic and youth-centric space.


Embracing a holistic approach, the Acton Youth Centre offers an array of recreational facilities and vital services under one roof. The center boasts a spacious family-style kitchen, fostering a sense of community as youngsters engage in on-site cooking and learning. A versatile community space, complemented by cozy private pods around the edges, forms an inviting backdrop for various gatherings and activities, providing a customizable environment where every piece of furniture can be rearranged.


The Centre provides a designated outdoor program space for activities, along with essential amenities such as showers and laundry facilities. The offerings for the youth are diverse and comprehensive, and include avenues for socialization, physical fitness, active living, and life skills training. Moreover, the Acton Youth Centre serves as a catalyst for youth leadership development and community involvement.


Acknowledging the varied needs of the young individuals it serves, the centre goes above and beyond by providing crucial services that might otherwise be challenging for them to access. This includes indispensable support for mental health and addiction challenges, as well as donations of clothing and food.


The design is purposeful and thoughtful. Areas designated for activities such as video games are strategically located in a more subdued environment, away from the central spine of light. This deliberate choice of subdued lighting creates a cozy atmosphere, creating a sense of comfort during leisure time.


To further enhance the sense of intimacy, retro-style wrap around seating envelops the pod tables, providing a “comfortable hug” for the youth while they eat and socialize. In a community grappling with social housing challenges, the Acton Youth Centre emerges as a vital hub, a lifeline of support for youth in need. Acton Youth Centre is making a meaningful impact in a town where the well-being of its youth requires precedence.


January 16, 2022