Pine Street Condo

Pine Street Condo

Location:               Pine Street, Burlington

Program:               Condo

The key aspect of the development concept is the retention of the historic Nelson Ogg – Jabez Clark house at 2085 Pine street. To achieve that, the condominium is designed as a slim building with a clean simple glazed wall above, set back from the heritage house.

The condominium has 3 levels of parking garage. The entrance and foyer of the condo make up only a small percentage of what is the first level of the garage. The residences begin one floor up and rise 11 stories, providing 39 units. Upper floors are separated by the 2-storey podium, which visually embraces the heritage home. The colours and textures of natural materials are used to harmonize with the heritage house and provide a compatible context. The glazing directly above the heritage house will be a vertical glazed screen that is reflective of the sky. The projecting balconies are kept to the west side of the street facade to add a 3 dimensional quality without it becoming distracting or overpowering the heritage structure.

The east elevation facing the existing townhouses to the east has been given particular attention to scale and views. The elevation is extensively landscaped with trees along the widened border area visually buffering views to and from the condo. The balconies on the east elevation form two rows of living green balconies, that prevents visual encroachment at the balcony edge due to the planters. The condominium is also stepped back on the east side creating more openness and space between the existing townhouses and the new proposed residences.


April 25, 2020