Vaughan Firehall 7-1 – Conceptual Design

Vaughan Firehall 7-1 – Conceptual Design

In 2021, ATA was commissioned to upgrade Vaughan Firehall 7-1 to be a “Zero-Carbon” building as certified by the Canadian Green Building Council.  The project started in June of 2021 and will be completed at the end of 2022.  The budget to complete the work is 2.6 million.


To make the project zero carbon, the entire envelope will be upgraded to increase the insulation level of the building.  This includes both windows and doors.  Because there is a lot of energy that is lost in firehall doors, special bifolding insulated doors are being installed that will limit air infiltration, thus saving energy.  The entire building will be electrically heated and cooled.  Solar panels are being erected on the roof of the existing building and in the parking lot of the building.  In the end the project will be the first retrofitted zero carbon building for the City of Vaughan.  It will also be one of the first Zero Carbon renovated firehalls in Canada.


The project currently is in the working drawings phase.


May 5, 2022


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