Brampton Flower City Senior Centre

Brampton Flower City Senior Centre

Flower City Seniors Centre is an addition to the existing seniors centre at Flower City Campus in Brampton.  The Seniors Centre is a node for area seniors and runs specialized fitness, educational, dance, games and arts and crafts programs.  The addition ATA completed doubles the size of the existing cafeteria and accommodates new kitchen facilities that provide a more varied lunch menu for the patrons of the space.  Sliding doors open the space to the garden during warm summer days allowing the Seniors to access the new patio area.  The new main entrance increases the size of the waiting area allowing more space to wait inside for the bus.  The enlarged airlock also minimizes drafts through the building in the winter.

The new addition has a large glazing area that creates uninterrupted views to the West.  The roof structure has been cantilevered out hung in place to carefully shield the summer sun.  The low winter sun is allowed to fully access the interior space giving the seniors much needed natural light.  Two large fans provide natural cooling in the spring and fall, while operating louvers at the top of the roof space exhaust hot air and C02 when required.  The kitchen space is almost doubled in size and includes a kitchen hood and a walk-in freezer that allows the chefs to create a variety of hot meals for the seniors.



April 28, 2019


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