Danish Pastry House

Danish Pastry House

Offering breads and pasties made from high-quality ingredients, the Danish Pastry coffeehouses have seen great success.

ATA used the Gokstand long ship as inspiration to distinguish the style of each retail location. Starting with their first bakery in Oakville, a hanging three-dimensional long ship provided scale and warmth to the space. Each subsequent store includes the ship interpreted in a variety of ways to soften industrial spaces while representing Danish heritage and the country’s tradition of ship building. Red motifs are derived from the Danish flag and are found again in the boxes and logo. Black metal racks with brass connectors and wood shelving were used to display the pastries and bright red pastry boxes to incorporate their colour into the décor.

In the case of the Danish Pastry House, the success is a combination of design, product and authenticity.


April 27, 2020