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Wallace Park

Location:              245 Reynolds Street, Oakville

Program:               Fieldhouse


ATA is excited to share the vision behind the Wallace Park Ice Rink and Rec Centre in Oakville, as the project is entering construction.

Wallace Park will feature a state-of-the-art outdoor ice rink and a multi-use building, featuring all-season, accessible, indoor washroom facilities, and mechanical, storage and changerooms for the ice rink.

Wallace Park is designed to be a welcoming space for all ages, promoting physical activity and community gathering throughout the year. By incorporating sustainable building practices and materials, the new facility will not only be energy-efficient, but also a model for future municipal projects in terms of environmental stewardship.

Through careful planning and design, the project addresses the challenge of integrating a modern recreational facility within a well-established urban park setting. The design solution respects the existing landscape and community character while introducing innovative features that enhance user experience.
Wallace Park stands as a prime example of how thoughtful architecture can transform public spaces into dynamic, inclusive, and sustainable community assets.


January 26, 2022