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St. Catherine of Siena Church

Location:              620 Rymal Rd. E, Hamilton

Program:               New Building

Total Area (GFA): 39,560 sf (3,677 sm)

ATA has been commissioned to design and contract administrate the construction of a new Catholic church to be constructed at 620 Rymal Road East, Hamilton ON. This new Catholic church will see the uniting of two existing churches – Our Lady of Lourdes & Corpus Christi. The church will be sited on a 3.3 hectare (8 acre) property that is currently used as farmland. The complex will also include a pastoral centre (150 persons), administration office space, and rectory. The site will include parking for 300 cars, an exterior Holy Shrine and Stations of the Cross. The church is to be design to accommodate 750 to 800 seats with additional spaces including a Sanctuary, Choir area, Baptismal Font, Narthex, Confessional, and Sacristy.

From day one, the proposed complex was modeled in 3D using BIM software. This 3D model has been vital to the progress of this project and has been utilized from schematic design to working drawings.

ATA has been able to present the model digitally to the SCOS Building Committee in real time at every meeting.  It has allowed the building committee to understand all design options leading to the preferred selection.

The project is currently under construction.  Completion will be summer of 2023.


April 1, 2023