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Black Creek Coffee – Georgetown, Ontario

Location:              280 Guelph ST, Georgetown, Ontario, L7G 4B1

Program:               Interior Renovation

Total Area (GFA): 564 sq.ft.


Black Creek Coffee’s first foray into the café retail space required a design that reflected their passionate craft business of roasting high-quality coffee and proudly serving local coffee enthusiasts since 2018.

In a unique collaboration, ATA and Black Creek Coffee developed each step of the design to ensure the café captured the personality of the brand and gives customers a unique coffee experience.  The retail café offers an espresso bar for more social interactions and two private seating booths for more private and cozier enjoyment.  The staff area is situated between the custom kitchen tailored to the preparation of beverages and dedicated display shelving for the various products and appliances on offer.

Vibrant blues, clean whites, and pensive dark hues arrayed, chosen from the brand’s unique visual catalogue to create a high-fidelity space that contrasts against the subdued and pale mall surroundings. Black Creek Coffee’s characteristically bright and cheerful blue is a hallmark of the brand that floods the space with a crisp cool tone that amplifies the hearty warmth provided by their freshly prepared beverages.  White textured tiles and quartz countertops in the interior help emit a glow that immediately captures the gaze of passersby.  Dark accented wood walls clad the exterior of the store and frames the calm and bright interiors like a palisade from the surrounding mall.  This specific palette also incorporates many of the appliances and product packaging on display, creating a cohesive, hand-crafted aesthetic that truly stands out.




August 24, 2022