York University Centre for Sexual Violence Support & Education

York University Centre for Sexual Violence Support & Education

Location:               York University

Program:               Interior Renovation

The Centre for Sexual Violence Support and Education at York University was an interior renovation to the existing third floor of the York Lanes building. The scope of work was reorganization of office spaces, including a new boardroom, staff kitchenette, a comfort room, accessible washroom and new reception desk. Adjacent spaces connecting the Centre for Sexual Violence were also renovated to meet current York University standards.

The space has been designed to emphasize the sense of home and comfort, integrating materials and finishes that suggest warmth, while clearly separating the staff office space. Creating this distinct difference between the home and office environments was essential to the operations and work performed in the Centre. The Centre has very specific needs and has been designed to provide safe and effective programmable space for both the staff and the students.

ATA and our design have worked to be sensitive to the needs of the University, and its very specific requirements for the treatment of spaces. The program is brand new to York University, leading to this Centre being the prototype for other similar services in York and other Universities Canada wide.


April 26, 2018