The Hub

The Hub

Location:               Mississauga Road & Steeles, Brampton

Program:               New Building

This new development is located in the south-east corner of Mississauga Road and Steeles ave. which is an important intersection in Brampton. The overall site will be developed with a mixed of commercial and office uses and at the corner portion there will be a gas station and a 3 storey office building.

The site plan has been designed with the objective to achieve the principles and objectives outlined by the City of Brampton Commercial Design Guidelines creating pedestrian friendly and pedestrian scale public spaces.

The gas station will have a high quality aesthetic, providing a visually attractive built form. Integrating the gas pumps, convenience/restaurant and a car wash, the shaped canopy adds interest to the built form. Due to the importance of this location, a tall lit glass and steel tower were also introduced to further emphasize the corner development since it will be able to be seen from a distance.

The office building was design to compliment the gas station/restaurant design and to further add visual impact to the site through architecture.



April 26, 2016