Humber Early Childhood Education

Humber Early Childhood Education

Location:               Humber College, North Campus

Program:               Interior / Exterior Renovation

Total Area (GFA): 6,674sq.ft. (620m2)

The scope of work for Humber Backfill “D” was to transform the windowless Funeral Space into a bright and cheery daycare.  It required construction of a new link to connect to the existing daycare.  ATA was able to tackle all of the challenging aspects of this project and completed the design assignment on schedule.  The renovation included demolishing all existing rooms in the funeral service areas and creating new classrooms for the infants and toddlers, an observation room, a staff room, an office and other auxiliary rooms.

As the link encroached under an existing building, the College required that the link blend in, utilizing similar materials and colours.

With the use of modeling this project with BIM. Clients were able to see the project in its three dimensional form and got an idea of how the new spaces would feel and look with a walkthrough of the BIM model.  The complex existing geometry was integrated into the form of the new space, ensuring that the construction went smoothly and budgets were maintained.

A new state of the art HVAC system was installed and insulation was added to the existing walls.  Radiant heaters were also added to maintain comfort and reduce energy usage.  Glazing for the building was tuned to allow the incoming winter sun to access the building, while reflecting the summer sun away.  The window shades over the building also are specifically designed to shade the glazing in the June, July, August and September months.  Recycled drywall was used for all surfaces and padded floors ensure that the children are safe in their new space.


April 26, 2018


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