Humber Art Commons

Humber Art Commons

Location:               Humber College, SouthCampus

Program:               Interior / Exterior Renovation

The scope of work for this project was to renovate the existing Denato Academy of Hairstyling and Aesthetics into a new space for the Humber College’s Arts program, at their Etobicoke Campus.  The new 1,016 sq.m. space includes wet and dry studios, a photography computer lab and multi-purpose lab.  Humber also required the ability to display the artwork of the students.  The corridor walls provide display space within the building and display walls in the streetfront ground level windows show the students work to the public along Lakeshore Road.  The classrooms use a combination of white boards, areas from which to hang art work and walls upon which the students can sketch making the area much more conducive to the students’ creativity.  The existing building needed to be brought up to current accessibility requirements.  Washrooms were upgraded to barrier-free code and a new elevator has been included for access to the second floor.  A modern aesthetic was selected for the interiors and the architecture has been designed to inspire the students.

This project is an example of the firm’s use of BIM.  All aspects of the existing building and renovations were modeled in 3D from the articulation of the interior spaces to the location and dimension of structural elements and mechanical equipment.  In addition, ATA was able to create perspectives and use the BIM model in meetings to walk the client through the spaces and accurately depict the vision for the Art Academy.  In this way, ATA was able to coordinate and create a cohesive design vision between the various disciplines because discrepancies had to be kept as close to zero as possible due to the condensed design and construction period.


April 26, 2015