North Oakville Medical

North Oakville Medical

Location:               Hospital Gate Road, Oakville

Program:               Medical Building

The joint venture design team of Montgomery Sisam Architects, Toronto and ATA Architects, Oakville have developed a 4 storey, 83,959 sq.ft. facility that satisfies all of Halton Healthcare’s requirements for the medical office development.

The building fulfills both the program requirements and the site potential of its gateway location at the main entrance to the hospital site. The design team felt strongly that the building be a healthy building and include leading edge technology to achieve the required LEED Silver standard, if not more.

The interior spaces take into account the fluidity of the building’s future. The spatial layout is flexible to accommodate changes to building’s occupants over time. As offices move, and renovations take place, there will be flexibility in the placement of the demising walls between the suites.

The building is simply organized with a central core. The major entrance is from the parking lot to the north. The ground floor public circulation space crosses the building in a north/south direction. The southerly entrance being more a formal pedestrian oriented entry. The stairwells are at opposite ends of the building. A central corridor links the stairs and subdivides the floor space in half providing a very flexible tenancy arrangement for both large and small medical offices and clinics. The division of the floor plate in both directions through all floors is expressed in the vertical panels of glass that subdivide the building mass to create a more welcoming pedestrian scale.



April 26, 2017


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