• Twin-Sisters-new-1
  • Pinchin_1_After
  • Oakville_3
  • ATA_Architects_Sheridan_Outside3

    Sheridan College Skylight

  • Freelton_Main1

    Freelton Community Park Ice Surface and Field House

  • ATA_Hurontario-Steels-2

    Hurontario & Steeles

  • ATA_Architects_Oakville-Medical_newhome

    Oakville Medical Building

  • ATA_Architects_PalacePier_01

    Palace Pier Entrance Canopy

  • ATA_Architects_StBernard_home

    St. Bernard

  • ATA_Architects__0000_Don_Montgomery

    Don Montgomery Youth Centre

  • ATA_Architects_gutowski_1

    Gutowski Residence

  • ATA_Architects_BMO_1

    Historic Bmo / Anthropologie

Featured News: The Danish Pastry House

Rapid success has happened after The Danish Pastry House opened its first store and bakery in Oakville, designed by ATA. Exacting standards and great authentic Danish baking has created an exploding following for owner Anita Lauritsen. The latest location is in Union Station where line-ups are long. See more images of the space here.

010A8484   Union DPH